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Professional Experience

Yandex - Developer Analyst in Privacy Office

May 2021 - now

Started as an intern in 🇷🇺 Moscow and currently based in 🇷🇸 Belgrade

  • Developed an automated system using internal service APIs to detect sensitive data exposure, create tickets for issue resolution, and automatically assign relevant personnel.
  • Designed communication strategies, wrote guides and recommendations for proper access settings widely used across the company.
  • Automated escalation processes to minimize human involvement, considering various edge cases such as employee termination or unavailability.
  • Assisted a large department of 3000 employees in handling privacy issues, prepared a common privacy policy, and led privacy training sessions.
  • Developed an assistant tool for duty officers to automate access approval processes, categorizing requests into 10+ types and processing tens of thousands of approve requests annually.
  • Identified and mitigated a critical vulnerability in an internal service that compromised secrets, managed to resolve all issues through automated ticketing and task blocking systems.


National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 🇷🇺 Russia

Sept 2018 — June 2022
  • Bachelor of science in Mathematics (The Faculty of Mathematics)
  • Minor in Integrated Communications (The Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design)

Personal projects

Anatoliy Ch.'s Telegram super-app

November 2023 — now
  • Launched a 24/7 audio chat in the Telegram channel, featuring a bot that plays a variety of radio stations which subscribers can switch between directly through dot_ch_bot. The bot automatically grants speaking permissions to subscribers, facilitating random interactions among users.
  • Continues to engage subscribers by dropping monetary rewards in comments under posts to drive interest and interaction with the content.
  • Implemented "Vasily's Game" within the bot, an anti-lottery game with high expected returns but designed to be nearly impossible to win, costing 0.1 TON to play.
  • Integrated a feature to convert listens from Anatoliy Ch.'s music on streaming platforms into TON checks through a link to another bot project called "Delo."
  • Features a dedicated section for my Minecraft server, including connection instructions, a link to the spawn map, chat and voice chat options, and a real-time list of online players.
  • Incorporated a missing persons search feature, allowing users to upload a photo and check if the person is in any wanted database.
  • Added a weather information service that provides weather updates based on user-submitted geolocations.
  • Created a unique feature that generates haikus in the Bashkir language, showcasing the bot's cultural and linguistic versatility.
  • Developed a proprietary file system within the bot to manage a hierarchical structure of folders, files, and buttons, making it easy to share sections via links. Important links are aliased like

Music Artist

May 2020 — now
  • Utilized Spotify tracks to create unique voice message experiences on Tinder, enhancing engagement and interactions.
  • Developed proficiency in manipulating music streaming services, generating $1400 in revenue (September 2020).

Loyalty program

November 2022 — November 2023
  • Developed a Telegram bot that automatically issued TON checks through the @wallet account to incentivize channel subscription and engagement.
  • The loyalty program rewarded subscribers with TON checks for maintaining subscription status over time. Engagement was further encouraged through a tiered system that doubled rewards daily during the first week, introducing subscribers to the channel content.
  • Randomly distributed monetary checks in comments to increase engagement and motivate followers to subscribe to the channel chat.
  • Implemented a referral system allowing existing members to earn 50% of the rewards claimed by their referrals, enhancing the viral spread of the program.
  • Introduced interactive queue posts within the channel where users could 'line up' by pressing a button and chat in comments, maintaining engagement through gamification elements. Long inactivity would remove a user from the queue, culminating in monetary rewards for those who stayed active.

The loyalty program successfully grew the channel's audience by 300%. It has been replaced by a super-app featuring a radio, and the old loyalty program is now open-sourced and available at github.



  • Asynchronous Programming with asyncio and aiohttp for efficient network requests
  • Data analysis and manipulation with NumPy and pandas libraries
  • Building Telegram bots and handling calls using pyrogram and py-tgcalls

Tools & Technologies

  • Code Assistance: Copilot & ChatGPT
  • Version Control: Git
  • Containerization: Docker Compose
  • Document Formatting: \(\color{#e83e8c}{\LaTeX}\)
  • Data Management: Various SQL dialects
  • Automation: Shortcuts on iOS and macOS for daily tasks and remote server deployment via SSH scripts


  • 🇷🇺 Russian: Native
  • 🇬🇧 English: Intermediate
  • 🇷🇸 Serbian: Beginner

Awards & Achievements

All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren in Mathematics

  • Awardee 9th grade - as an 8th grader, 2015
  • Awardee 9th grade, 2016
  • Awardee 10th grade, 2017
  • Awardee 11th grade, 2018
  • Mentored a student who became an All-Russian Olympiad winner in Mathematics (10th grade while in 8th, 2023)
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